Database Management

Database Management

Our Services

  • Database Management

    INETMS’s database management service will enable you to run your applications on an highly efficient, safe database in accordance with the international standards under the supervision of our experts specializing in administration of database administrator system (DBA) with practical experience who are always ready to provide advisory services and conduct a database performance report that you can employ to improve database performance tuning efficiently and worthwhile.

Our Services

  • Installation Service

    1.1 Standard Service An installation of database system software for safe and convenient usage; backup and recovery backup testing; and a database installation guide

    1.2 Advance Service An installation of more complicated database system software such as high availability database

  • 2.Managed Service

    2.1 Standard Service Database system monitoring services, management and troubleshooting services to allow clients to use the database system continually, together with a monthly report of the database system’s operational efficiency.

    2.2 Advance Service A standard managed service, together with additional management and support services in advanced features

  • 3.Database Migration Service

    3. Standard Service We provide a database migration service to move data from an old system to a new one in aspects of installing and preparing database software to support the process of data migration, installing a data migration tool by following all the process of data migration, and checking data after the process is completed.

What You Will Get

  • Database system that is available at anytime

  • Data backup to prevent data loss.

  • Customer services provided by DBA and engineering team to provide consulting and support services at all times. 


14 November 2022

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