Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Our experts in infrastructure are always ready to provide advice on computer systems ranging from designing, installing, and administrating so that you can ultimately make use of the infrastructure.

Our Services

  • Design and Installation Service

    We provide services of designing, installing, and migrating infrastructure with the best solutions to meet the organization’s requirements.

  • Managed Service

    We provide infrastructure management services so that it is available at all times. We run testing, notify on each action on a server and network, and do capacity planning for a more user-friendly and efficient system. Most importantly, we have a professional team who are always ready to give advice and assist with troubleshooting around the clock.

Tools Provided

  • Router and Switch L2,L3
  • Load Balance
  • Server and Storage
  • Security
  • Log Server
  • VMware vCenter Services

14 November 2022

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