Project Management

Project Management

INETMS is committed to provide IT managed services, administered by our professional team who will assist you in IT fundamental work in order to allow you to use work smoothly and efficiently. Our managed service will enable your IT personnel to emphasize on developing new applications or technological innovations to make your business stand out from others.

“INETMS operates based on the ITIL framework

employing automated software to ease the workflow

for more efficiency and less risk.”

Our Services

Project Management

Our project management will assist you in planning and administering projects to allow your system to achieve your desired needs, timelines, and costs.

Why Choose Us

1.Create Scopes and Responsibilities of Projects

We write project scopes and responsibilities in details in order to establish goals and responsibilities of stakeholders and others as appropriate to run projects smoothly.


2.Project Operations

We plan project operations according to the solutions selected by clients based on their requirements, budgets, and timelines.


3.Project Management

We manage, monitor, track, and report project status in order to keep your projects on track.


4.Project Closure

We collect and deliver documents regarding projects.


14 November 2022

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