Private Cloud

Private Cloud 

Smoothen the flow of your business expansion investment by renting a private cloud from INETMS


Design and Installation Service

We provide designing, sourcing, and installing services of a private cloud with the best solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Managed Service

By our professional team, cloud management services are provided. They will help with monitoring, notification, and troubleshooting to allow your organization to work on the cloud system continually and efficiently.

What You Will Get

Dedicate Hardware

An independent server for clients’ cloud only. The clients can choose a DC site as they prefer whether it be the clients’ DC site or INETMS’.

Managed Service

A huge amount of investment is not required as you can pay based on actual usage. After the system design is completed, we will install the system within 14 days.


Resources can be added as preference.


INETMS accommodates monitoring and security management on your cloud in accordance with the international standards.


Our professional team specializing in all aspects of cloud administration will provide 24/7 consulting and troubleshooting services to enable the continual availability according to the SLA.

14 November 2022

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