Innovation Engineer (Robotics, IoT)

Posted 6 months ago

Job Function:

Job Type : IT

Job Subtype : IT Support

Opening(s) : 1

Salary (baht) : According to the company’s salary structure

Level : Officer

Work Location : Thai Summit Tower, 12th floor

Job Specification:

Degree : Bachelor of Engineering/ Science in computer, information, or in other related fields

Experience : 1-3 years

Skills/ Characteristics

  1. Own knowledge in programming Python, C, Java, PHP, VB.NET, Node.js, or other languages.
  2. Able to program hardware.
  3. Own high self-learning skills
  4. Discreet, prudent, friendly, and punctual.

Job Responsibilities

Role Overview: Program Robotics and IoT

Main Responsibilities

  1. Research and develop software to program robots and IoT as assigned.
  2. Coordinate with international IT personnel
  3. Apply Machine Learning with Robot or IoT that are being developed.
  4. Track and troubleshoot any problems of the Robot or IoT in charge.
  5. Create documents to share knowledge gained from work experience with the team
  6. Earn certificates relevant to the filed
  7. Create guidelines/documents for the system that is being developed.
  8. Hold training within the team after participating in offsite training.
  9. Follow the organization’s policies and standards as well as others as assigned.
  10. Others as assigned.

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