INETMS Managed Service Database Plus+


Is your database a key part of your business?

Many enterprises are trapped in the out-of-date database system architecture which is driven by the inexperienced and unsupervised design processes and management making the database run more slowly than a slug and may not work at full capacity, which could lead to the high risk of data loss.

“INETMS Managed Service Database Plus+” is an international standard, ready-to-use, cloud-based database management service. Our experts are ready to assist you to design your own efficient and secure cloud and database architecture according to international standards ensuring the maximum capacity utilization by a team of a specialized and experienced database administrator (DBA) who are always ready to provide consultation to businesses.

What You Will Get

Cloud & Infrastructure

Efficient cloud infrastructure and going full board with cloud management to work at maximum efficiency with a team of system engineers and a backup in the virtual machine’s disk format.

Database Management

Database administration, designing and planning support, and maintenance for high-performance database services provided by the DBA team.

Software License

Provide all the necessary copyrighted software applications required including Windows Server, SQL Server, and other software such as Ubuntu, CentOS, MySQL community, McAfee, and CommVault.


Provides 24/7 monitoring and alerting as well as suggestions in case of detecting threats by AI and threat intelligence tools to protect your computer system from hackers, viruses, trojans, and other threats according to international standards.

Backup Management

Designs all settings and configurations and defines database backup policies to optimize data recovery results based on appropriate RTO and RPO strategies.

Monitoring & Alert

Monitors and analyzes system health with various effective tools.


Managed Service Database Plus+ service is available to support the use of a variety of databases, both enterprise database and community database. We have a dedicated team of experts for each service that is ready to give advice and design and develop a ready-to-use database system for various practical applications to enhance your business agility.

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