Enterprise WiFi as a Service

Enterprise WiFi as a Service is a complete and ready-to-use WiFi solution with zero requirements for hardware, software, and engineer admin. We offer the most comfortable way to access the internet everywhere anytime with a team of INETMS experts who will take care of you from start to finish and beyond and support the full range of applications to protect you 24/7 by the Security Operation Center (SOC) team.

Wifi Aruba with a package of Managed Service from INETMS

Wifi Aruba with a package of Managed Service from INETMS

Our Services

Enterprise WiFi as a Service Provides feature-rich, comprehensive WiFi service for enterprises including designing, installing, and after-sales care services by a team of INETMS experts who are ready to provide care and solutions whenever the devices are damaged by normal use throughout the contract period*.

*Does not include accidental damages, misuses, falls, floods, fires, natural disasters, and other accidents and/or damage that is not caused by normal use.

Designing and Installing Services

Our expert team will perform service area analysis to help you design and install the best-suit system that matches your needs and requirements.

Usage Support

A team of experts with an intelligent AI-driven solution will monitor, investigate, and analyze the networks and detect problems to give advice and solve your problems 24/7.

Supervision and Solution

A team of experts will take care of hardware issues and provide troubleshooting services caused by usage without additional charges throughout the contract period.


24/7 additional security services provided by the Security Operation Center (SOC) team will help monitor and analyze applications that may cause damage to the WiFi system.

  • Professional Team
    Certified professional team who specialize in networking products.
  • 24/7 Services
    Monitoring and alerting services, ready to serve and give advice to all clients 24/7.
  • HI-Technology
    Supports WiFi 6 and works well with AI technology to diagnose system problems helping to solve problems more accurately and faster.
  • Scalability
    The system connection can be performed easily and quickly for any application.
  • Save Cost
    Reduces costs and budget spending for software and hardware including administrative costs and system maintenance costs.
  • Security
    At optimal security, our Security Operation Center (SOC) experts offer full-spectrum security services that help analyze and detect abnormalities 24 hours a day to optimize your security environment.
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