INET Managed Services Company Limited or INETMS was established in 2016 with an authorized capital of 20 million baht. It initially operated as a managed service provider of IT consultancy and system design by a professional team with more than 10 years of experience in IT system administration in order to allow clients to operate the system safely with the utmost efficiency.

     In 2018, INETMS expanded its services to managed and security services in order to cover all aspects of IT infrastructure management services including operation system, database, backup, security, and 24-hour monitoring, alerts, and troubleshooting services operated by experts, in accordance with the international standards.

     In 2019, INETMS had a business alliance in order to offer Robotic Process Automation or RPA service with the aim of providing solutions to businesses that would like to automate repetitive tasks for speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

     INETMS has been constantly developing to adapt to new situations and changing IT. With the business alliances, we have always been looking for new technological innovations to develop services to respond to clients, both large and small organizations. Moreover, we are a learning organization in pursuance of an intent to continually promote the technological knowledge of our employees so that they always catch up with new technologies by having training for employees.


Leading Trusted Managed Service Provider


  • To provide services to organizations to drive the country to world of digital economy.

  • To be an effective member of the society, follow the good governance, care about the environment for true benefits of stakeholders and the whole of society.

  • To learn and develop fundamental services through a large platform to create an eco system within the country.
  • To operate a business that can generate a good profit and grow continually and sustainably.